Online Classes that are fun and engaging

During the time we cannot run our classes in schools we are running lots of fun classes online. Classes run on Zoom and once you have booked your place we will send you the link for the class.

Our online timetable is below (use the links to go straight to the class):

330-415pm: Disney Dance: VDRRVL1

6-645pm: NBA (No Boys Allowed) – a girls only Street Dance class: NBWBMC1

345-545pm: On The Stage: FROZEN: the best bits: OSEDVH1

6-645pm: NGA (No Girls Allowed) – a boys only Street Dance class: NGEDVH1
7-745pm: NGA (No Girls Allowed) – a boys only Street Dance class:

6-645pm: NGA (No Girls Allowed) – a boys only Street Dance class: NGRRVL1

1230-1pm: Yoga: VYRRVL1

6-7pm: NBA (No Boys Allowed) – a girls only Street Dance class: NBRRVL1

1230-115pm: Disney Dance: VDRRVL2

330-415pm: Friday Fun (this is a super fun class full of games and dancing): VDRRVL3

10am-12pm: 5-11 years: On The Stage: FROZEN: the best bits: SSWBRI2

Classes for Businesses

We are providing Companies private Zoom lessons for their employees to help with childcare during this time.

Each online class is for up for 15 children and they run for 45 minutes.

We offer classes in dance, drama and yoga. Dance classes can be stand alone dance (Street Dance) whereas we normally combine the drama with dance too (drama techniques are taught through fun drama games). All classes are lots of fun and good for fitness and wellbeing.

We suggest different classes for younger children (age 4-7) and older children (age 7-11).

We provide a Zoom link per class for you to send out to your employees or people who want to access the class.

To find out more about these classes please contact us

Group classes in Dance, Yoga and Pre-school

Street Dance - This class is designed to increase fitness; coordination and stamina, whilst also being lots of fun for the children whilst at home.

Yoga - Yoga has both physical and mental health benefits. Children learn life-long skills and techniques that aim to develop core strength, coordination, stamina, fitness and balance whilst also delivering a sense of calm; happiness and general wellbeing (which many children may find beneficial at the moment).

These classes run on multiple days and are split into younger (4-7 years) and older (7-11 years) groups.

Pre-school – join us for our dance/drama classes designed to inspire young imaginations. The themes for the classes this half term are Marvellous Me (Mondays); Mini Beasts (Thursdays) and Storytime (Fridays).

1:1 lessons in Instrument Tuition, Singing and Drama

We are delivering some of our classes online via the Zoom App. They are 1:1 lessons and last for 20 minutes. You can choose from Singing; Drama and Instrument Tuition. You can book just one lesson before making any decision about how many lessons you would like.

Singing lessons are proven to not only develop musical talent, but also build self-esteem; confidence; and are generally good for wellbeing. They are also, most importantly, lots of fun! Our talented singing teachers will teach vocal warm ups; explore the range of your voice and teach a selection of songs – your child can be involved in the choice of songs.

Drama lessons focus on building confidence. They include some warm up drama games and then our teacher will focus on your child learning a piece of prose or a poem that they will work on the delivery of together.

Instrument tuition: you can continue your classes that we have been delivering in your school online. If you are new to instrument tuition we can start you off while children are at home and then you can carry on when we’re back at school.