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Mindfulness and Yoga

**Brand new launched this term** Mindfulness and Yoga for Primary School and Secondary School children

1 in 10 children are suffering with their mental health. We have designed and developed a brand new course which offers both physical and mental health benefits for children of all ages and adults too.

Children learn life-long skills and techniques that aim to deliver a sense of calm; happiness and general wellbeing whilst also developing core strength, coordination, stamina, fitness and balance.

This programme delivers a suite of skills and tools that children can draw upon in everyday life and especially during times of increased stress or pressure.

Each session is planned by experts in mindfulness and yoga and involves three key factors:

  1. Breathing and Body - the children will learn to be in control of their breathing and will use breathing balls to help control this. They will also be taught through many different exercises the importance of appreciating their body and to be more aware of each part of their body and to use their breathing to feel happier in times of stress.
  2. Listening - the children will listen to mindful music which they will also have access to at home to help them to focus and relax. This music can be used at times of stress or worry to help the children to feel calm.
  3. Moving - mindful movement and yoga - each session will involve a specially designed yoga session where the children will develop core strength, coordination, stamina, fitness and balance.

Schools can pay for a 6 week course which runs over a morning or an afternoon a week.

We also offer a Mindfulness and Yoga training sessions to teachers on INSET days.

Get in touch with Nicky to find out more