Registering/drop off and collection/Bubbles: 


How will drop off/collection work?

On arriving at the school site there will be markers for parents to queue at a safe distance. At the front of the queue you will be greeted by a member of our team who will have our register for that day. Our staff will sign the child in at that point and then they will independently be directed to another member of our team who will show them to their ‘Bubble HQ’ room and their desk. Parents will be asked to leave their child at the entrance and not to enter the building. Please explain this to your child prior to drop off.


Please note that there is no cover for parents to wait under when dropping off and collecting so please be prepared for the weather!


What if I want to drop off late/collect early

If you are planning to arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of the club please let us know in advance of the day. If you need to collect early please give us as much notice as possible.


Will drop off and collection times be staggered?

Where sites have multiple entrances we will not be staggering drop off and collection times. If there is only one entrance we will explain how drop off will work in the welcome email. We will try to make sure children are signed in as quickly possible.


We normally sign the children in - how will we do this?

We do normally ask parents to sign their children in and out of our holiday clubs. This will not be possible for these Summer Clubs. Instead our teacher will have a list of children on a register. They will mark your arrival and departure by ticking the space next to your child’s name.


What if my child is upset at drop off?

We are aiming to make the drop off and collection as quick as possible to reduce the number of people in any one area.


If your child is upset at drop off, we will ask that you move away from the sign in area and wait with your child. When all children are signed in one of our teachers will come and see you. We ask that all parents settle their children in advance of leaving them at the club as we are not allowed to comfort children in the way we would do normally. As soon as all children are signed in we will be starting with a super exciting activity designed to make everyone feel happy and relaxed.


How can I discuss any issues with the teachers at drop off?

We will be encouraging all parents to drop their child off with our teacher and leave the area as quickly as possible. If you would like to discuss anything at all about your child with us - we ask that where possible you do so in advance of the holiday club. We can then speak to all our teachers and pass on any information.


If you need to speak to someone on the day, please call our enquiries line and we can pass on all information to the relevant teachers.


If you absolutely need to speak to one of the teachers at a holiday club site, please wait until all other children have been signed in to reduce the number of people waiting in any area.


How will children be split in bubbles?

Children will be split into bubbles based on age. This is how we normally split children at our clubs but during this time we can’t be flexible and move children between bubbles. They must remain in the bubbles we have assigned them to.


Each classroom will have 15 desks and chairs set out 2 metres apart and children will be assigned a desk to leave their belongings on and to return to for snack time, down-time and lunch. Each desk will have its own pencils/crayons and paper for the day (if you would rather send in your own pencils/crayons please do so and these will be for the sole use of your child). Pencils will be rotated on a 72 hour basis.


How will bubbles work?

Our bubbles will be kept together for the entire day, and with the same member of staff. We will ensure the children in each bubble do not mix with children within the other bubbles.


Maintaining social distancing:


How will social distancing be maintained?

Children will have handwashing and social distancing rules explained at the beginning of each day as well as reminded regularly throughout the day. All children will be reminded throughout the day to 'keep their distance' and our staff will be monitoring this continually. All activities have been carefully planned to allow the space, equipment and activity to keep this distance.


Cleaning routines and washing hands:


What cleaning routines will be in place?

Each night the full site will be cleaned in line with the current COVID guidance. Toilets will be cleaned at least twice throughout the day along with all other frequently used surfaces.


How often will children wash their hands?

The children will be asked to wash their hands before and after each session, before and after lunch and breaks and after visiting the toilets.


Will equipment be shared?

We will be using some sports equipment during our sessions. We will ask all children to wash their hands effectively before beginning an activity using equipment. During the session the equipment will be used as normal. At the end of the session the equipment will be fully cleaned and the children will again wash their hands. The equipment will then be left 72 hours before being used again.


How will toileting work?

We will not be able to physically assist with toileting and all children will need to be able to toilet independently. We will, however, remind younger children to go, and be in visual contact if needed.


Will toilets be shared?

In line with the government guidelines, children will use the designated toilets for the holiday club. These will be cleaned throughout the day and will be observed to ensure all children wash their hands thoroughly after visiting the toilets.


What should my child wear and bring


What should my child wear?

We ask that all children come in comfortable clothing which is suitable for sport and active sessions. We ask that their shoes and coats are easy to put on and off (i.e. velcro shoes etc) as we will not be able to physically assist the children during the day.


What should my child bring?

Please bring plenty to drink together with a packed lunch and lots of snacks. There will be lots of breaks during the day for children to have a snack. Please only send food items they can open themselves as staff are not allowed to touch the children’s food. We ask that children do not bring any toys, or items from home with them during this time.


How will lunch work?

Children will eat their lunch in their ‘Bubble HQ’ room. This room has tables which are appropriately distanced from each other. This is where the children will keep their belongings throughout the day. All lunchboxes and belongings must be clearly named. Children should be able to eat their lunch without needing items to be opened by staff so please consider this when packing their lunches and snacks. We also remain a nut free company so please double check items before sending them in.


Feeling unwell:


What happens if a child feels unwell?

If a child becomes unwell with symptoms which are not COVID-19 related they will be managed in our usual way. If the child needs collecting we will call parents and ask them to come to the club to collect.


What happens if a child has any COVID-19 symptoms?

If a child develops COVID-19 symptoms they will be immediately removed from their bubble and taken to our ‘COVID-19’ room. They will be assisted and accompanied by a staff member, who at this point will be wearing PPE (mask, apron and gloves). Parents will be called and asked to collect the child ASAP. The child will then need to have a COID-19 test and we will be informed of the outcome to allow us to take the necessary next steps.