COVID-19 : Can we support you or help you?

We have spoken to the DfE and the Local Authority and they have confirmed that we are able to send our teachers into schools to help with staffing and to relieve your staff (especially for wrap around and cover over holiday periods). 

In the event of you using our teachers they will be classed as key workers. 

We can deliver sports and performing arts provision or we can run holiday clubs for you.

We can be flexible and deliver whatever you need in terms of hours; half days or full days. 

Get in touch with Katy at to find out more.

We deliver high quality, educational and inspirational classes for children aged 3-11 years.

We work with schools to deliver lessons that enhance learning and that build upon curriculum and topic work. We are a PPA provider; as well as providing CPD for teachers and Curriculum cover. We also offer Wrap Around Care that is carefully designed to offer structured, educational and fun sessions in line with our ‘guilt free’ childcare philosophy.

You can choose from any of our planned topics or tell us what you want the work to focus on and we will tailor our planning to suit you.

Why Rattle and Roll Performance?

We have a track record of delivering excellent content through our outstanding teaching team. We pride ourselves on the high quality; structured and educational classes we deliver which we believe makes us stand out from other companies. All our planning is done by fully qualified teachers.

Want to find out more?

Read on below to find out more about our range of provision to support your school or if you would like to discuss any of our provision or a free trial running at your school then please contact us

Wrap Around Provision

:Looking for a new and exciting way to run Wrap Around? Find out about our innovative new partnership model.

Curriculum, PPA or CPD 

We offer unique and expert Curriculum, PPA or CPD provision designed collaboratively with your school.

Holiday Club Provision

Do you want to provide holiday clubs at your school? Partner with us and take advantage of our OFSTED Outstanding rated Holiday Clubs. 

Mindfulness for Staff

These sessions focus on increasing a sense of wellbeing as well as offering tools and strategies to deal with increased stress or anxiety.


Looking for a new and exciting way to run Wrap Around? We work closely with schools to make sure our Wrap Around provision suits you.

We can run our Wrap Around care independently using all our staff or we can run the provision together using a mix of school staff and our staff. We provide the booking platform; the collection of money; the training for staff; the planning and the resources.

We also provide a club each night (dance; sport; drama etc) that is included in the price of Wrap Around. This offers outstanding value for money for parents. Our proposal for a service fee means we all share in the success of Wrap Around as it promises a good financial return for schools.

This is an example timetable of activities that we run in schools:

BREAKFAST CLUB Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
KS1 & EYFS Monday Circuits & HIIT Crafty Tuesday Fun! Yoga Wednesday Thursday Fun Crafty Friday Feeling!
KS2 Monday Circuits & HIIT Crafty Tuesday Fun! Wacky Wednesday Fun! Table Tennis Thursday Feel good Friday Yoga

BREAKFAST CLUB Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Click here to request more details of what this could look like for your school.

Curriculum, PPA or CPD

Curriculum Music, Dance and Drama or PPA/CPD
We offer unique and expert Curriculum, PPA or CPD Dance, Music and Drama Provision. This is available for all years and is designed by Rattle and Roll’s expert team to go above and beyond the key elements of the National Curriculum and EYFS. We can plan flexibly to fit into any topic set by school to compliment learning across the curriculum.

Curriculum Dance, Gymnastics, Mindfulness and Yoga, and Sport PPA/CPD
We offer expert sports coaching in all sports including Gymnastics and also specially designed HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions for children. The benefits of HIIT training are that children can exercise for short periods of time whilst gaining the same physical benefits of a longer workout.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a varied PE package over a year that is a combination of any of our classes.

Holiday Club Provision

Want to be a holiday club site?

We run our Ofsted Outstanding Holiday Clubs in all school holidays. We pay school rent to use their facilities and holiday clubs are usually open to children from all schools in the area.

In some schools we are their exclusive holiday club provider and only open to children at that school. In some schools we provide holiday clubs as part of our Wrap Around (can Wrap Around be hyperlinked to the Wrap Around Section on this page) provision.

Our holiday clubs are all based around the three themes of PERFORM; ACTIVE and CREATE.

We always recommend that a short demand survey is sent to parents in advance of starting a new holiday club so we can find out what parents want.

Contact us here to request a demand survey for your school

Mindfulness for Staff on INSET days

These sessions focus on increasing a sense of wellbeing as well as offering tools and strategies to deal with increased stress or anxiety.

What’s involved in a Staff INSET?

  • The training session will introduce mindfulness as a mind and body training that can greatly enhance emotional and physical well being and help deal with stressful situations more skilfully
  • The origins and applications of mindfulness and the scientific research will be introduced
  • There will be a large part of the session devoted to practicing mindfulness and participants will also explore the differences between formal mindfulness training and informal awareness which can be cultivated at work and home
  • Practical tips and strategies to start to incorporate mindfulness into working and home lives will be given
  • There will be guidance on how to access further resources if participants wish to train further in mindfulness
  • The sessions will be warm, friendly and light and give staff the opportunity to have time to care for themselves.

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