What We Do

At Rattle and Roll, we are passionate about the positive impact that performing arts, sport and mindfulness has on young people. We care about healthy bodies and healthy minds.

We provide fun, educational and inspiring classes in music, dance, drama, singing, instrument tuition, sport and yoga & mindfulness for children aged from 4 months to 13 years.

We aim to deliver the highest quality experiences for your child/children. Our focus is on building confidence whilst learning new skills. We organise end of term concerts or performances to showcase what children have been learning.

We also provide wraparound care before and after school. Our wraparound provision gives you flexibility before and after school hours and takes away any stress or guilt because of our promise to deliver enjoyable, valuable and exciting experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich children’s lives with new skills and experiences in a safe and secure environment.

Our classes are professionally designed to give children opportunities to improve their skills, make friends and enjoy physical activity.

Our ambition is to provide positive and fun sessions that help children develop their physical, cognitive and social wellbeing.

Designed to be different

We only use qualified teaching staff or performing arts and sports specialists. We recruit the highest quality teachers to ensure all the children that come to our classes have a high quality, educational and positive experience.

Safeguarding is our highest priority. All our teachers have an enhanced portable DBS, public liability insurance, safeguarding and PREVENT training. Our secure online platform captures each child’s individual details and requirements; emergency contact details, specific medical or allergy details and collection instructions. Details are always readily available to all our staff.

We are constantly on the move. We review, evaluate and rejuvenate our classes and content so that they are innovative, relevant and current.

We offer flexible payment methods for termly clubs. You can spread the cost in either 2 or 3 instalments. We accept all childcare vouchers.